For all the people saying "that quote is from Hannah Snowdon" it's not. Hannah posted a photo on instagram of her tattooing her mom and saying that she never said that. for those who don't know who Hannah is, she's a tattoo artist. I don't know you rachel, but I just thought I should let you know. And btw, I love that piece of writing, thank you. Have a nice day :)

Thank you, friend. I appreciate this.

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you’re gonna be saying that in book stores one day ;)

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maybe i didn’t fight you as hard as i should have
when you put your hands on me
and didn’t take them off when i told you to
i had fists and nails and knees
but i didn’t know how to use them
i’ve never been a fighter
but you introduced me to battle
you made me a warrior
you taught me how to hate
and maybe i’ll never get to make you hurt
in all the ways i’ve imagined in my darkest daydreams
in all the ways you deserve
maybe i don’t have blades or bullets
but i do have words
and one day you will regret the things you did to me

warrior, re trout
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my mother doesn’t like tattoos
she says
art belongs on a wall

well i say no one
not even my mother
gets to tell me that i can’t
be a masterpiece

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we did it kids

we climbed this whole mountain

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That tattoo quote is actually by Hannah Snowdon just fyi

No, it’s not. It’s a shitty little poem I wrote that for some reason got a lot of notes. I don’t even know who Hannah Snowdon is. Maybe it’s similar to something she said but if it is I promise you it’s 100% a coincidence.

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isn't the tattoo thing you posted literally just a quote by Hannah Snowdon?

no? idek who that is 

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One day I will have a daughter

One day there will be a little bundle with big eyes and tiny toes

One day there will be a small voice calling you Granny

And on that day, Mother, when she comes into our lives and changes our world there is a conversation that you and I will need to have

Because you will not treat her the way you have treated me

You will not make her feel the way you’ve made me feel

This is the day that I will sit you down and tell you that your insecurities are your insecurities

And yours alone

My little girl’s Granny will never make her feel unbeautiful the way my Mother made me feel

My daughter will know that no scale will ever be able to measure her worth

And that the opinions of others do not dictate her value

You will never say to her “every woman hates something about herself” the way you said to me

And if she should have brothers you will not teach her subordination the way you tried to teach me

You will never expect housework from her while her brothers play video games

You will understand that being her grandmother does not give you any special right to her that she is not comfortable with

You will never utter the word “slut” in her presence

And, no matter what choices she makes, you will never call her unladylike

The way you did with me

You will teach her kindness

You will teach her the value of helping another human being just for the sheer satisfaction

You will teach her the importance of hard work

You will tell her the story of the little girl who crossed an ocean. You will tell her the story of the family who gave up everything to build a new life

And what a life they built

You will teach her that sometimes you have to do the big, scary thing

Sometimes you have to take the risk

You will teach her to sing whether other people like the sound of her voice or not and you will teach her the words to all your favourite songs and they will become her favourite songs

And you will teach her that home sounds like the people you love singing Christmas songs that aren’t Christmas songs

You will teach her to love Christmas in that silly way you do

You will teach her to stand up for herself because she deserves respect

You will always support her dreams, no matter how crazy

You will love her

And you will teach her the importance of family

The way you did with me

A Letter to my Mother, re trout
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No, I’m not ok. But I haven’t been ok since I was 11, maybe 12. I am still here though. I’m still breathing. For me, sometimes, that will have to be enough

— Clementine Von Radics (via satans-ghost)
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Your tattoo poem really hit me, and I know I'm not the first to tell you this but it was so lovely and thank you for writing it. Someone was being rude on it too and I was like nah. Don't do that. This is really nice. But yes so you keep doing you(:

people are lame, but thank you for sticking up for it and thank you for your kind words in general :)

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Your poems are really beautiful and I love them :)

Thank you :)

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